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What Teachers Are Saying

This bundle is intense! There's so much here and so much for students to do. The questions are great and actually prompt a variety of thinking - not just simply recalling facts from the text. I felt like I got a lot (!!) of materials, not just in quantity but also quality!

"The Sneaker Teacher"

I have purchased your novel guides for almost every novel I've taught. I really appreciate that your guides don't only focus on the "what happened." Instead, there are so many activities that align with standards allowing us to practice multiple skills and strategies over the course of our novel work. I will continue purchasing these guides for the novels I teach in order to have that abundance of resources available to use with my students. Thank you!

Erin H.

This has become my go to resource for this book. The questions are thought provoking, interesting yet easy for my students to understand what is being asked of them. Thanks!

Emmy E.

THANK YOU! I love Simply Novel's resources!

Eman H.

I am just getting started with this but I have already breathed a huge sigh of relief at how organized and accessible these resources are. The pre-reading discussion worked great on zoom, and if you know anything about 7th graders and actually contributing to an online discussion, you know that's no mean feat! We've also done some comprehension questions and chapter notes. Excited to use the rest.

Robyn W.

This resource is well worth the money to have a complete unit ready to go. This is my first time teaching this novel at a new district and there were more than enough resources here to fully shape a month long unit. It's been fun to teach and academically challenging enough that I would be proud to have admin stop by.

Rachel H.

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