Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

Please note that Simply Novel (AKA Secondary Solutions) has officially copyrighted our materials.  Each product purchase licenses one teacher ONLY, who may make as many copies/reproductions as needed for his/her classroom only.  Many products are sold in a locked PDF format, and the ability to copy, paste, and alter the materials has been disabled.  Further, posting these copyrighted materials on the Internet for others to access or view is a violation of copyright.  Modifications, translations, or any other changes may be made for individual teacher's use only, for his/her classroom only.  Our products (whether free or for purchase) may not be redistributed, sold, or given away for free whether or not any changes, alterations, modifications, or translations have been made to the original product.  For questions or concerns, please CONTACT US before purchasing or downloading. 


Report of Online Piracy or Copyright Infringement

Simply Novel (aka Secondary Solutions and/or Elementary Solutions) take online piracy (unauthorized publication online or in digital format) and copyright infringement extremely seriously. While we work very hard to eliminate unauthorized use and distribution of our products, we are aware that there are still people who disregard and/or are unaware of our copyright restrictions. If you have an infringement to report, please CONTACT US so that we may research this suspected infringement of our copyright.  

Thank you for helping us try to curb and eventually eliminate unauthorized use and distribution of our materials and intellectual property.