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  • Taking Back Control When You Feel Powerless

    Facing an unprecedented time of unrest, including extreme discord within our social and political climate, health concerns circling around a global pandemic, and even the uncertainty and lack of control with teaching and literally what is happening in your own lives… distance learning, anyone? In some ways, the current situation we are in could even be considered chaotic. It makes sense that many of us are feeling anxious, worried, depressed, and frustrated at our lack of control with what is happening all around us.  So how do we regain some sense of control in a world that feels so out of control?
  • 4 Tips for Teachers to Manage Anxiety and Worry During the "Unknown"

    We don’t have to like what’s going on.  We don’t have to want it.  Or approve of it.  We get to choose how to be about THIS moment. Simply moment to moment.  We can choose to be stressed, and angry, or frustrated, or we can choose to simply be in surrender and acceptance.  Here are 4 practical tips to help you manage anxiety and worry during the "unknown."