The Great Gatsby Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide
The Great Gatsby Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide
The Great Gatsby Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide
The Great Gatsby Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide

The Great Gatsby Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide

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The Great Gatsby 123-page novel unit, complete with standards-aligned student coursework, quizzes, tests, and more aligned with 10th through 12th grade English / Language Arts Common Core standards.

Here's what Sarah D. said: This was more expensive than other units on Gatsby, but it was worth the investment. It is well aligned with common core and has a good balance of rigor and scaffolding.

Debater's Toolbox said: This is a highly innovative and useful resource for teachers in need of a plan. I have found these resources easy to implement.

This The Great Gatsby Literature Guide has the rigor you are looking for, while helping your students enjoy the story itself! Your students will walk away with a love, enjoyment and understanding of the literature and a grasp of the skills required for state and national testing.

This Great Gatsby Guide includes:

  • List of Pre-Reading Ideas (W.9-10.4, W.9-10.5, W.9-10.6, W.9-10.7, W.9-10.9; W.11-12.4, W.11-12.5, W.11-12.6, W.11-12.7, W.11-12.9)
  • Notes on the Elements of Fiction with corresponding activity
  • Author Biography on F.Scott Fitzgerald with corresponding questions (RI.9-10.1, RI.9-10.2, RI.9-10.3; RI.11-12.1. RI.11-12.2, RL.11-12.3)
  • Historical Context activity and corresponding questions on The Jazz Age (RI.9-10.1, RI.9-10.2, RI.9-10.3; RI.11-12.1. RI.11-12.2, RL.11-12.3) 
  • Glossary of Allusions, Terminology, and Expressions (RL.9-10.4, RL.9-10.9, L.9-10.4, L.9-10.6; L.11-12.4, L.11-12.6)
  • Vocabulary Lists With and Without Definitions (RL.9-10.4, RL.9-10.9, L.9-10.4, L.9-10.6; L.11-12.4, L.11-12.6)
  • Anticipation/Reaction Activity introducing themes (SL.9-10.1, SL.9-10.3, SL.9-10.6; SL.11-12.1, SL.11-12.3, SL.11-12.4, SL.11-12.6)
  • Note-Taking and Summarizing Charts (RL.9-10.1, RL.9-10.2, W.9-10.4; RL.11-12.1, RL.11-12.2, W.11-12.9)
  • Comprehension Check Questions for each chapter (numerous standards addressed)
  • Reading: Literature activities on:
    • Narrator and Point of View (RL.9-10.2, RL.9-10.5; RL.11-12.5)
    • Characterization (RL.9-10.2, RL.9-10.5; RL.11-12.5)
    • Setting (RL.9-10.2, RL.9-10.5; RL.11-12.5)
    • Foreshadowing and Prediction (RL.9-10.5; RL.11-12.5)
    • Symbolism (RL.9-10.4, RL.9-10.5; RL.11-12.1, RL.11-12.3, RL.11-12.4)
    • Figurative Language (RL.9-10.4; RL.11-12.4)
    • Tone (RL.9-10.4, RL.9-10.9, L.9-10.4, L.9-10.6; L.11-12.4, L.11-12.6)
    • Theme (RL.9-10.1, RL.9-10.2; RL.11-12.1, RL.11-12.2)
    • Colors as Symbols (RL.9-10.4, RL.9-10.5; RL.11-12.1, RL.11-12.3, RL.11-12.4)
  • Reading Language Standards-based Activities on:
    • Context Clues (L.9-10.4.A: L.11-12.4.A)
    • Parts of Speech (L.9-10.1, L.9-10.6; L.11-12.1, L.11-12.6)
    • Word Origins (L.9-10.4, L.9-10.6; L.11-12.3, L.11-12.4, L.11-12.5)
    • Vocabulary Replacement (L.9-10.4.A: L.11-12.4.A)
  • Reading comprehension and analysis Quizzes every two chapters
  • Two Final Test Versions - one entirely multiple choice
  • Vocabulary Final Test
  • Summary of the Novel
  • List of various Post-Reading Activities and Ideas
  • List of various Essay/Writing Ideas
  • Teacher Resources, including Sample Agenda, Project and Writing Rubrics
  • Complete Answer Key

Denise L. said: You get a lot of bang for your buck with Secondary Solutions (Simply Novel) materials. For those who have never taught Gatsby, this guide will more than get you through. For experienced teachers, I like the CCS coverage when I don't have time to create them myself. Love Secondary Solutions (Simply Novel)!

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