The Great Gatsby 200+ page Novel Study Resource BUNDLE - Print & Digital
The Great Gatsby 200+ page Novel Study Resource BUNDLE - Print & Digital
The Great Gatsby 200+ page Novel Study Resource BUNDLE - Print & Digital
The Great Gatsby 200+ page Novel Study Resource BUNDLE - Print & Digital
The Great Gatsby 200+ page Novel Study Resource BUNDLE - Print & Digital

The Great Gatsby 200+ page Novel Study Resource BUNDLE - Print & Digital

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MASSIVE No-Prep The Great Gatsby 200+ page Novel Study & Complete BUNDLE OF RESOURCES for teaching The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Lessons, worksheets, activities, quizzes, tests, and more! Classroom-tested by over 1,300 teachers, with a 4.9/5 Rating! SAVE over 30% by purchasing the ENTIRE BUNDLE!

In both PRINTABLE and DIGITAL VERSIONS for Distance Learning and In-Person Classrooms

In this comprehensive The Great Gatsby Teaching bundle, you'll get:

Informational Texts to engage and inform students about the historical context of the novel, plus essential Notes, Guides, and more to support your The Great Gatsby unit:

✴️ A Brief History of Jazz in America Informational Text, Timeline with Questions

✴️ The Jazz Age Informational Text Article with Questions

✴️ F. Scott Fitzgerald Author Study Informational Text Biography with Questions

✴️ Genre: Realistic Fiction Informational Text Article with Questions

✴️ The Great Gatsby Vocabulary Activities, Plus Vocabulary & Allusions Lists

✴️ The Great Gatsby Novel Study Activity - Cost of Living Group Project

✴️ The Great Gatsby Reading Note-Taking Guide

✴️ The Great Gatsby Anticipation/Reaction Theme Discussion & Reflection

9 Novel-based Literary Analysis Activities that support student practice in text analysis and close reading and dig deeper into the text with Common Core practice specifically on:

Narrator and Point of View



Foreshadowing and Prediction


Figurative Language



Colors as Symbols

4 Creative Writing Activities to deepen connection to the novel

❇️ Practicing Point of View

❇️ Character Magazine Interview with Grading Rubric

❇️ Character Journal

❇️ Newspaper Front Page with Grading Rubric

4 Vocabulary Activities to engage your students and deepen connection to the text

➡️ Two Truths and a Lie Group Activity

➡️ Pinterest Vocabulary Activity

➡️ Roll of the Die Vocabulary Activity

➡️ Word Replacement Worksheet 

✅ Reading Comprehension/Study Guide Questions

✅ Reading Quizzes

✅ Two Final Test Versions - one entirely multiple choice

✅ Complete Answer Keys

Here's what other teachers have to say about this The Great Gatsby Novel Study Bundle:

There is so much material here! It was very thorough and has lots of extra activities that you can choose to include, or leave out! I loved this package, and definitely recommend! - Chastity S.

This is one of the 1st resources that the students enjoyed thoroughly. Questions are easy to understand and lead to a good discussion. Love, love, love. - Janet M.

This was more expensive than other units on Gatsby, but it was worth the investment. It is well-aligned with common core and has a good balance of rigor and scaffolding. - Surrytops

This Literature Guide is wonderful! It focuses on different elements of literature for each chapter which is a plus. I was looking for a comprehensive guide for teaching "The Great Gatsby" as this is my first year teaching and this will be very helpful! - Julie N.

This resource is simple and easy to use. The students have had no issues viewing the documents and completing it at home during this transition to distance learning. Thank you for creating this resource! - Jennifer G.

My students loved this resource. It was really easy for me to prepare and execute. I will keep using this product for future years!! - Felicia E.

I'm currently using this bundle and have nothing but great things to say about Simply Novel. Every product I've purchased has helped me develop entire units for my juniors. They're consistently engaged in lessons and challenged by the material. - Kelley R.

I loved how thorough and organized this unit was. It followed a clear structure that made pacing the unit extremely easy. The students enjoyed how engaging each activity was and the vocabulary was particularly helpful. Thank you!! - Maori Montessori

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa P-

This is my first time teaching The Great Gatsby and this guide has saved my life! I love the standard aligned activities that go with each chapter as well has the detailed keys for each assignment, activity, quiz, and test. This guide has given me reassurance that I am not missing anything important and has helped determine how I will focus our time during this novel study.