The Canterbury Tales Common Core Aligned Epic Study Teaching Guide
The Canterbury Tales Common Core Aligned Epic Study Teaching Guide
The Canterbury Tales Common Core Aligned Epic Study Teaching Guide
The Canterbury Tales Common Core Aligned Epic Study Teaching Guide
The Canterbury Tales Common Core Aligned Epic Study Teaching Guide

The Canterbury Tales Common Core Aligned Epic Study Teaching Guide

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Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales massive 330-page Literature Guide is Common Core and NCTE/IRA Standards-Aligned, and includes practical, ready-to-go materials for Grades 11-12. You won't find anything so in-depth and comprehensive anywhere else!

Perfect for student-directed distance learning or homeschooling, however, this product is a PDF only and will need modification for use in Google Classroom.

Designed to require as much or as little teacher instruction or intervention as you desire. Lessons and activities are clear, and provide students with full explanation on how to complete activities (giving examples and providing mini-lessons whenever possible), requiring little to no explanation or detailed instruction from the teacher. In many cases, students will be able to self-direct their study and completion of work according to your requirements, making it perfect for distance learning.

Please note that this product may be used in Google Classroom or a PASSWORD-protected site by the authorized purchaser only. Posting or sharing anywhere the public can view or download is violation of copyright terms of use.

This Literature Guide for The Canterbury Tales includes:

  • Pre-Reading Activities: Monarchy Scavenger Hunt and an activity on Illuminated Texts
  • Biography on author Geoffrey Chaucer, plus corresponding questions
  • Article and questions on Genre-Poetry, Narrative, and Satire
  • Article and questions on Unreliable Narrator
  • Article and questions on Structure of the Narrative-Frames
  • Historical Context article and questions on Middle English and the Great Vowel Shift
  • Historical Context article and questions on Life in the 1300s
  • Historical Context article and questions on Pilgrimages •Historical Context article on Biblical
  • Allusions Activity on Time and Place
  • A list of allusions, defined from the General Prologue and selected tales

Here's what Shannon B. said: The Canterbury Tales can be overwhelming to both teach and learn. This guide is so comprehensive and integrative--whether you're reading the whole collection or just a selection of the stories.

  • Part A: General Prologue
    • Comprehension Check questions and Standards Focus activities on
      • Satire
      • Characterization
      • Similes and Metaphors
      • Allusions for the ENTIRE General Prologue
    • Quiz: Sections One and Two - Introduction through Plowman
    • Quiz: Sections Three and Four - Miller through Conclusion
    • Part A Test: General Prologue
Amy B. said: When I found out I would have to teach The Canterbury Tales for the first time, I immediately looked to see if this company offered a unit on it. Just as I expected, this unit is amazingly thorough, and it offers way more than I could use. I was able to give the students a thorough background before beginning, and there were resources to use for as many tales as I wished to teach. Thank you for being a dependable resource! This unit was well worth my money, and I will continue to use parts of it in years to come.
  • Part B focuses specifically on the following: Knight's Tale, Miller's Tale, Reeve's Tale, Shipman's Tale, Prioress's Tale, Monk's Tale, Nun's Priest's Tale, Pardoner's Tale, Wife of Bath's Tale, Summoner's Tale, Clerk's Tale, Merchant's Tale, Franklin's Tale, Parson's Tale, and Chaucer's Retraction
    • EACH tale above includes:
      • Comprehension Check/Study Guide questions
      • Standards Focus Activity (i.e focus on Theme, Tone, Allusions, Mood, Rhyme Scheme and Meter, Allegory, Diction, Irony, etc.)
      • Assessment Preparation Activity (i.e. focus on Analogies, Etymology, Punctuation, Context Clues, Clauses, Appositives, etc.)
      • Section Quiz
      • Summary of the Tale
      • Two Final Exam Versions (one entirely multiple choice)
  • Notes for teaching The Canterbury Tales
  • Post-Reading Ideas and Activities and Alternative Assessment
  • Essay/Writing Prompts
  • Two Project Rubrics
  • Response to Literature Rubric
  • Complete Answer Key

Debbra V. said: As with other units from this publisher, this resource is thorough and makes teaching the subject a breeze. I loved all of the background material. I used this in summer school and students had a shorter period of time to work with the material, so we divided up the information and students presented their part to the class. I look forward to using this during longer semester.

Please note that this product is available as a PDF download only.