Rules Novel Study Unit - 120 Page, No-Prep Teaching Guide
Rules Novel Study Unit - 120 Page, No-Prep Teaching Guide
Rules Novel Study Unit - 120 Page, No-Prep Teaching Guide
Rules Novel Study Unit - 120 Page, No-Prep Teaching Guide
Rules Novel Study Unit - 120 Page, No-Prep Teaching Guide

Rules Novel Study Unit - 120 Page, No-Prep Teaching Guide

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Rules by Cynthia Lord No-Prep Novel Study Unit - 120+ Pages! This standards-based teaching guide includes worksheets, activities, assessments, and more for teaching the novel Rules by Cynthia Lord! This product is a printable PDF and will need modification for use in Google Classroom.

In this comprehensive Rules Teaching bundle, you'll get:

Texts and Pre-Reading Activities to engage students and to support and introduce themes and genre before reading

 Pre-Reading Ideas and Activities List

 Pre-Reading Activity: Rules in Your Life

✅ Informational Text with Questions: Autism

 Vocabulary Lists, with and without definitions

 Note-Taking Graphic Organizers

Novel-based Literary Analysis Activities that support student practice in text analysis and close reading and dig deeper into the text, specifically, activities on:

Story Structure

Drawing Inferences

All About Details

Powerful Language

Flat and Round Characters

Determining Theme

Novel-based Language and Writing Activities that support student practice, specifically on:

Figurative Language

Using Precise Language

Supporting Your Opinion

Sensory Details

Using Prepositional Phrases

Using Dashes and Ellipsis

Quotation Marks

 Comprehension/Study Guide Questions

✅ Mixed-Response Reading Quizzes

✅ Vocabulary Quizzes

 40-Question Final Test that includes multiple-choice and short response questions

 40-Question Multiple Choice Final Test

 Post-Reading Ideas and Alternative Assessment Activities

 Essay Prompts and Creative Writing Ideas

 Teacher Notes

 Sample Teacher Agenda

 Spelling Lists

 Summary of the Novel

✅ Project and Writing Rubrics

✅ Complete Answer Key

Here's what other teachers are saying about this Rules Novel Study:

*Please note that this product was moved from our Elementary TPT store - With a 4.9/5-Star Rating from 103 Ratings!*

I have read the book aloud for several reasons and just held class discussions. This year I wanted to step up the level of expectations and work with the book and do a thorough class novel study! This was an invaluable resource and made it easy for me. Many standards and skills are covered in easy ways to look at them and see how students are doing. - Amy B.

Worth. Every. Penny!!!!! I can't thank you enough for creating such a thorough resource! - Katie A.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! So many ideas, wish I had time for everything!! - Holly N.

Amazing Product! I really love how it make my student step up their thinking a little bit and it helped with classroom discussion. I especially love the chapter organizers for character, setting, important problems and events as well as predictions or questions. Thank you! - Tara Maniace

This novel study was one of the best we did this year. My students were engaged and really enjoyed the novel. The only problem was they kept reading ahead to see what happens. The worksheets to accompany the novel were well set up and had everything we needed for the trimester grades. - Jessica R.

Fantastic resource. Very well made! - Mary C.

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