Odyssey Novel Study - Common Core Aligned Teaching Guide
Odyssey Novel Study - Common Core Aligned Teaching Guide
Odyssey Novel Study - Common Core Aligned Teaching Guide
Odyssey Novel Study - Common Core Aligned Teaching Guide
Odyssey Novel Study - Common Core Aligned Teaching Guide

Odyssey Novel Study - Common Core Aligned Teaching Guide

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This Literature Guide for teaching Homer's Odyssey features 139 pages of standards-based materials for grades 8-10. This Odyssey epic novel study bundle is the solution to your lesson planning stress! 

Perfect for student-directed distance learning or homeschooling, however, this product is a PDF only and will need modification for use in Google Classroom.

Designed to require as much or as little teacher instruction or intervention as you desire. Lessons and activities are clear, and provide students with full explanation on how to complete activities (giving examples and providing mini-lessons whenever possible), requiring little to no explanation or detailed instruction from the teacher. In many cases, students will be able to self-direct their study and completion of work according to your requirements, making it perfect for distance learning.

Please note that this product may be used in Google Classroom or a PASSWORD-protected site by the authorized purchaser only. Posting or sharing anywhere the public can view or download is violation of copyright terms of use.

PLEASE NOTE: The materials in this product are aligned to the Stanley Lombardo translation of the Odyssey, ISBN 978-0872204843, ©2000 and may have to be altered and/or redesigned to align with your version of the Odyssey, especially in the case of abridged versions in textbooks.

 This Odyssey teacher guide includes:

  • List of Pre-Reading Ideas and Activities
  • Informational Article and corresponding questions on Homer
  • Articles on the Genre of Mythology, the Epic Hero, and the Epic Poem
  • Notes on English Language: The Greek Alphabet
  • Extensive Odyssey Terms and Character List
  • Map of Character Relationships from the Odyssey
  • Anticipation Guide/Pre-Reading Reflection Group Activity
  • Introduction to the Odyssey comprehension and analysis questions
  • Journal Response Chart blank
  • Active reading journaling and note-taking Activities for each book
  • 16 Vocabulary Builder Activities focused on that can be used with any translation
  • Comprehension Check Reading Questions

Here's what Krystal Mammano said: Amazing! This is very organized and easy to use. It is a must-have reference when teaching The Odyssey!

  • Standards-Focused activities on:
    • Character Types
    • Telemachus's Resume
    • Dramatic Irony
    • Ambiguity
    • Imagery
    • Point of View
    • Figures of Speech
    • Simile and Metaphor
    • Personification
    • Foreshadowing
    • Symbolism and Allegory
    • Conflict and Effect
    • Theme 

Chelsea Smith said: I highly recommend. I used this with pre-AP English I students and it was so helpful, especially as a first year teacher. I used this to build a very strong unit that was true to me and I didn't have to recreate the wheel.

  • Reading comprehension Quiz every two books
  • Two Final Exam versions
  • Teacher Guide with Sample Agenda
  • Plot Overview and Sequence of Adventures
  • Structure of the Odyssey
  • Graphic Organizer on the Structure of the Odyssey
  • List of Post-Reading Activities and Alternative Assessment
  • List of Essay/Writing Ideas
  • Two Project Rubrics
  • Response to Literature Rubric
  • Complete Answer Key

Please note that this product is available as a PDF download only.