Death of a Salesman Play Study Unit BUNDLE
Death of a Salesman Play Study Unit BUNDLE
Death of a Salesman Play Study Unit BUNDLE
Death of a Salesman Play Study Unit BUNDLE
Death of a Salesman Play Study Unit BUNDLE

Death of a Salesman Play Study Unit BUNDLE

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Death of a Salesman 98-page teaching guide bundle with practical, and ready-to-use lessons for teaching Arthur Miller's play Death of a Salesman in grades 9-12. This guide includes comprehensive study of the play, and covers many standards through in-depth reading and analysis. Leaves students with a true appreciation for the themes of the play, as well as a grasp of the many skills this guide addresses.

Designed for as much or as little teacher instruction or intervention as you desire, students will be able to self-direct their study in many cases, making it perfect for in-person or distance learning. Please note, however, that this product is a PDF only and will need modification for use in Google Classroom.

Here's what Teaching Solutions 4U (TpT Seller) said: An excellent resource. I teach Gr. 12s and want them to be challenged, but not lost. I don't want cute time-waster activities, but insist on academically sound material that makes them think, analyze, and - most of all - relate. The material fits so well into those expectations. It is flexible enough that any part could be used as "pick and choose", core material, or supplemental material. It saved me many hours of preparation, and when all is said and done, I feel that my students have been given a quality experience with this novel. Excellent job! 

Amanda H. said: Great unit. Very thorough and I loved the different types of analysis questions and stage direction questions, etc. Excellent purchase!

This Death of a Salesman Literature Guide includes:

  • List of Pre-Reading Activities and Ideas
  • Pre-Reading Activity: Thematic Literary Elements
  • Author Biography and Questions on Arthur Miller
  • Article and Questions on The Structure of a Play
  • Article and Questions on American Theater of the Post-World War II Era
  • Historical Background Article and Questions: Post-World War II America
  • Complete list of Allusions and Terminology
  • Vocabulary lists with and without definitions
  • Note-Taking and Summarizing Charts for active reading
  • Comprehension and Analysis Study Guide Questions
  • Specific CCSS: Literature Activities on:
    • Staging and Flashbacks
    • Character Interactions
    • Comparing Literary Works
    • Theme
    • Character Development
  • Specific CCSS: Language Lessons, Activities on:
    • Grammar and Usage Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitalization
    • Vocabulary in Context
    • Word Origins- Etymology
    • Precise Word Choice
  • Reading/Vocabulary Quizzes for each section
  • Multiple Choice Final Exam
  • List of Post-Reading and Alternative Assessment Ideas and Activities
  • Essay and Writing Ideas
  • Sample Agenda
  • Notes to the Teacher
  • Summary of the Drama
  • Two project rubrics for grading
  • Response to Literature Rubric
  • Answer Key 

Debra K. said: Your work is always excellent. I particularly like how I can pick and choose what to use from this depending upon the learning outcomes as well as the amount of time I have to spend on this play. Thank you! 

Please note that this product may be used in Google Classroom or a PASSWORD-protected site by the authorized purchaser only. Posting or sharing anywhere the public can view or download is violation of copyright terms of use.