Beowulf Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide
Beowulf Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide
Beowulf Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide
Beowulf Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide

Beowulf Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide

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Beowulf Teaching Guide includes 164 pages of student coursework, quizzes, tests, and teacher resources aligned with Common Core and NCTE/IRA 9th and 10th grade ELA content standards. Everything you've ever wanted in a unit plan is in this Guide! MORE than enough to choose from in this comprehensive unit, depending upon your desired learning outcomes and the amount of time you have to spend teaching Beowulf!

PLEASE NOTE: This guide is aligned to the Seamus Heaney translation of Beowulf. Some modification may be necessary for use with other translations.

Here's what Rebecca M. said: I used this resource for my 12th grade last year. I LOVE this complete resource! As a first year teacher, this thorough guide saved me! My students enjoyed how everything was connected. Thank You! I will certainly purchase other novel guides...

Teaching with Simply Novel's Beowulf complete unit allows the rigor you are looking for, while helping your students enjoy the story itself. Your students will gain an enjoyment and understanding of the literature and a grasp of the skills required for state and national testing. You can be confident you're addressing the skills your students need to learn, and you'll love having more time on your hands not having to create lessons and materials yourself.

This Beowulf Guide includes:

  • Pre-Reading Activity on Literary Elements
  • Author Biography on translator Seamus Heaney with corresponding questions
  • Notes and questions on the genre of the Epic Poem and the Epic Hero
  • Historical Context texts, including articles on Anglo-Saxons, Norse Mythology, and Kennings
  • Defined list of Allusions and Terminology
  • Vocabulary List with and without definitions
  • Note-Taking and Summarizing activities for each sections
  • Literary Analysis, Literature Standards Focus activities for each section, including activities on:
    • Mood and Tone
    • Foreshadowing
    • Literary Archetypes
    • Comparing Literary Works
    • Imagery
    • Themes in Character's Speech
    • Historical Themes and Issues
    • Foreshadowing and Flashback
    • Characterization
    • Theme
  • Language - Grammar and Vocabulary activities for each section, including:
    • Vocabulary and Context
    • Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitalization
    • Precise Word Choice
    • Modifying Nouns and Verbs
    • Word Origins
    • Complements
    • Analogies
  • Vocabulary and Reading Quiz for each section
  • Two Final Test versions--one completely multiple choice
  • Final Vocabulary Test
  • Teacher Guide including References and other Resources
  • Sample Agenda and Teacher Notes
  • Summary of the Epic
  • List of Post-Reading Ideas and Activities
  • List of Essay/Writing Activities and prompts
  • Two Project Rubrics
  • Response to Literature Rubric
  • Complete Answer Key

John S. said: This was tons of great material. I was able to use this with my senior English class, and it really expanded their learning. This was more than enough information to use to teach the book effectively.


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