Animal Farm Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide - DISTANCE LEARNING
Animal Farm Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide - DISTANCE LEARNING
Animal Farm Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide - DISTANCE LEARNING
Animal Farm Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide - DISTANCE LEARNING

Animal Farm Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide - DISTANCE LEARNING

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SPECIAL NOTE for DISTANCE LEARNING : I have marked this product as appropriate for Distance Learning as this guide is an entire "ready-to-use," complete unit of study for Animal Farm. This guide has everything from pre-reading activities to post-reading assessment tools, and everything in-between. 

Our products are designed to require as much or as little teacher instruction or intervention as you desire. Lessons and activities are clear, and provide students with full explanation on how to complete activities (giving examples and providing mini-lessons whenever possible), requiring little to no explanation or detailed instruction from the teacher. In many cases, students will be able to self-direct their study and completion of work according to your requirements. Additionally, I have unlocked the PDF so that those who need to use parts of this Guide in Google Classroom can modify it for their needs.

PLEASE NOTE: This material is still copyright protected, and it is a violation to sell or post these materials in any publicly accessible site. You may, however post what you need for your students on a secure school site or similar, where the general public cannot access these materials. THANK YOU!

Animal Farm by George Orwell 164-page of student coursework, activities, quizzes, tests, and much more aligned with the Common Core State Standards for 9th through 11th grade. We've done the work for you, combining the text of Animal Farm with Vocabulary, and Literary Analysis, and Questions, and Quizzes, and Tests and more. With this Animal Farm Literature Guide, you're buying yourself the gift of time!

Here's what Penguinlvr said: So many great ideas! This is my third purchase from you, and again, you do not disappoint. How do you do it? My favorite activity is the literary analysis activity on Napoleon. I love how you seamlessly add this essay assignment into what they are learning as they read. It's not just "Oh, by the way kids, you have a paper due." It made literary analysis writing easy to incorporate with my other lessons. Your guide (as always) covers so many different aspects of the novel. Great job (again)! 

Teaching Animal Farm with Simply Novel's complete unit gives the rigor you are looking for, while helping your students enjoy the story itself. Your students will gain an enjoyment and understanding of the literature and a grasp of the skills required for state and national testing. You can be confident you're addressing the skills your students need to learn, and you'll love having more time on your hands not having to create lessons and materials yourself.

Heather L. said: I love Simply Novels [sic]. I have purchased several of the Simply Novels [sic] lesson plans for different novels that I teach. These are the best resources for high school ELA. They cover listening/speaking, writing, reading literature text, and reading informational the material provided. I will continue to purchase Simply Novels [sic].

 This Animal Farm Literature Guide includes:

  • Author Biography on George Orwell with corresponding questions
  • Anticipation/Reaction Activity with Pre- and Post-Reading Reflections
  • Notes on Elements of Fiction with a specific focus on Allegory
  • Notes on Historical Context including Government and Economic Systems, The Russian Revolution, and corresponding questions
  • List of Allusions, Terminology, and Expressions, defined
  • Vocabulary List with and without definitions
  • Note-Taking and Summarizing activities for each chapter
  • CCSS Reading: Literature aligned activities for each chapter, including activities on:
    • Analyzing Poetry
    • Symbolism
    • Narrator and Point of View
    • Tone and Mood
    • Rhetoric and Propaganda
    • Main and Subordinate Characters
    • Allegorical Characters
    • Irony
    • Foreshadowing
    • Subject Versus Theme
  • CCSS: Writing activity on: Response to Literature--Finding and Using Supporting Quotations for a Response to Literature Essay on Animal Farm
  • CCSS: Language, Vocabulary and Grammar activities for each chapter, including more than one activity on:
    • Base Words/Root Words/Affixes
    • Connotation/ Denotation
    • Context Clues
    • Vocabulary in Context
    • Types of Sentences
    • Examples and Non-Examples
    • Analogies 
  • Reading Quizzes every 2 chapters
  • Vocabulary Quizzes every 2 chapters
  • Two Final Test versions--one completely multiple choice
  • Final Vocabulary Test
  • Teacher Guide including Sample Agenda and Teacher Notes
  • Novel Summary
  • List of Pre-Reading Ideas and Activities
  • List of Post-Reading Ideas and Activities
  • List of Essay/Writing Activities
  • Two Project Rubrics
  • Response to Literature Rubric
  • Complete Answer Key 
Valerie L. said: I used this with my preAP 10th grade students and it went very well. High quality and thoughtfully done. Tons of resources. I really liked how there is a grammar, vocab, and comprehension focus for each chapter. It made it easy to spiral skills thorughout [sic] the novel.

Engagement in English said: This is SO helpful for my first year teaching this novel--gives a good sense of when certain topics should/could be covered with the novel. Provides a lot of basic things (chapter questions, quizzes, vocabulary) that teachers would otherwise spend a lot of time making or curating. Thanks!

Please note that this product is available as a PDF download only.