Two Things You Need To Do Over Spring Break

*Relieved Sigh* You made it! Now it is time to think about how you will use this precious time that never feels long enough. Many lists you will come across will say something like: be productive, exercise, read a book, go on a vacation, take a day to work, get caught up on the never-ending laundry, etc. These are great ideas, but we have a better and shorter list. 

Here is the list of TWO things you actually NEED to do over spring break:

  1. Do not work on anything work-related. Seriously. Please do not. Spring break is meant for everyone to relax and take a break— hence the name. This is a perk of being a teacher so use it to its full potential. Delete your email off your phone; do not bring your laptop home; do not grade papers over break. All of these things can be handled when you return from spring break. Set this as a firm boundary for yourself.  
  2. Do whatever you want. Truly. Whatever. You. Want. You do not need permission to do what truly brings you joy on your break. You do not “earn” time to rest. We are human. We deserve time to rest; it is not something to be earned. I will not ramble about how important self-care is for your well-being because you already know this. You have been told this numerous times by numerous people. Now is the time to actually do it, though. 

So want to read a new book just for yourself? Do it.

Want to exercise daily? Absolutely do it.

Want to send the kids to daycare for a day so you can chill out? 100% support from us.

Go to a museum or zoo? Sure! Have at it!

Take a family trip? More power to you!

Genuinely want to do all that laundry? You may be a little weird to me, but yeah! Do it!

Want to do nothing but binge-watch a very questionable reality show? Yes. Do it! 

Whatever will bring you joy this break- DO IT. No questions, no comments, just do what will bring you joy. When you return from this short break, you will feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of the year.

To close, here is your reminder again: enjoy your spring break; I hope this is your best spring break yet! 


With so many lists available for you, we appreciate you stopping by to read this one. So let’s hear about your plans for this break! We would love to hear them. 

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by Erin-Jane Stevens, Contributing Teacher/Writer. Erin-Jane Stevens is a middle school ELA teacher who strives to bring excitement to each class she sees.  She continues to find and create fun, new, and rigorous ways to captivate students’ attention and grow their love for ELA.

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