Thank you 10,000 TpT Followers!

10K TpT Followers Milestone Celebration and Sale


I am so thrilled to finally announce that I have hit 10K followers of my TpT store!

While I started Simply Novel as Secondary Solutions in 2005 only serving secondary teachers, since 2014, I have provided ELA teachers from grades 2-12 with their English Language Arts needs as Simply Novel!
I started with TpT back in 2006, at the very beginnings of the now-HUGE, multi-million (billion?) dollar company.  I remember having conversations on the phone with founder Paul Edelman about the site's future, and now TeachersPayTeachers is a household name for teachers.  I remember seeing the potential of TpT way back in the day, but I have always had my own side website serving both teachers and schools or districts with purchase orders. I put all my energies into my site and worked on building that aspect, all while TpT "ran" in the background. I have been able to slowly build my TpT followers, now to the milestone of 10,000!
I have certainly seen my share of ups and downs, but it always remains true that I have had a passion for serving notoriously underserved and under-appreciated teachers.  So thank you for allowing me to serve you: to champion you, to celebrate you, to bring you products that may make your life a little easier, and may gift you the time to snuggle up and watch a movie with your family rather than creating yet another test or activity for your students. 

Thank you for allowing me to serve you, and to thank you for all you do in the only way I know how.
So to celebrate, I want to thank you with a SALE!  On both and TpT in my TPT Store - from September 24-September 26, 2021 - save 20% on EVERYTHING in BOTH stores!
A special thank you to those of you who have been with me since the beginning - I still have SO many of you who have been loyal to the Secondary Solutions/Simply Novel product since the beginning.  I remember seeing some of my first orders coming in, and I still remember your names!
And to those of you who are new to Simply Novel, welcome!  Thank you for choosing Simply Novel and allowing me to serve you.
I am beyond honored to be your go-to source for ELA resources, and I look forward to serving the next 10K!

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