A Teacher's Holiday Anthem

At this point in the semester, I am simultaneously exhausted and invigorated. I can feel the same sentiments coming from my virtual and school-site colleagues. As teachers, we have been beaten down by the workload and frustrations of everyday teaching, but we’ve also borne witness to the beauty that is student learning. We have wanted to bash the copy machine in when it jammed again. We have felt the utter satisfaction of reading a masterfully constructed student argument. We have answered angry emails and rebuffed last-minute requests for extra credit. We have seen the light come on mid-Socratic seminar. We have wiped down every sneeze-covered surface. We have victoriously matched all papers with their respective owners. We have created all necessary forms of final exams with appropriate accommodations. We have battled all semester, and now we have made it to the holy grail of winter vacation.

And with all that, we still remember what it is all about. In the spirit of the season, be sure to check out this original song that will make your heart melt, by teacher Risha Allen: https://www.tiktok.com/@rishdishfish/video/7042028979624152326

What have your students left you with this semester?

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