10 Instagrams We Love for Teachers

Some call it *The Gram*

Some call it *Insta*

Whatever you call it, there is no doubt that Instagram is *the* place to find awesome teachers sharing equally awesome things!

Instagram is a fantastic place for educators to browse at other's classrooms, become inspired by the content, share classroom goals, individual successes, and more.

While there is a ton of great content geared towards elementary teachers, there are also quite a few middle and high school content creators who we feel deserve a shout-out!

Give them a follow if you’re not already —- you won’t be disappointed!

  1. @SimplyNovelTeachers - that's us, of course! I am very active on Instagram and provide content both beneficial and engaging. I feature our new bundle updates, reading suggestions, links to our resource library, and so much more! 
  2. @MudAndInkTeaching - Amanda is a curriculum coach and resource creator who shares various ideas on classroom management, using stations with older students, and beyond. She shares tips to use with students as well as to do personally.
  3. @SheLovesTeacherHumor - Liz is a retired teacher from Alberta! She is actively sharing memes that relate directly to teaching and all the highs and lows that come with it.
  4. @Bored_Teachers is another light-hearted Instagram to follow! This team shares teacher memes, news, and other relatable content.
  5. @TheDaringEnglishTeacher - Christina is an HS English teacher currently teaching English 10, journalism, and yearbook. Christina is a prime example of how HS content can be full of color and fun. She shares resources, tips, and relatable reels.
  6. @BrittanyJeltema - who you may know as The Superhero Teacher on TPT, is a former secondary teacher. She is now the owner of Visionary Classroom Decor, a creator of teaching resources, AND she flips classrooms. Her account also stars her beautiful family along with educational content. 
  7. @2PeasAndADog - is a middle school teacher who creates engaging and rigorous middle school lessons that help save teachers time and energy. Give Kristy a follow!
  8. @SecondaryUrbanLegends - Samantha is a Secondary English Teacher in Florida. She is also a digital creator, curriculum writer, education blogger, and promoter of diverse texts. She shares real content most teachers would benefit from seeing.
  9. @TheHungryTeacher8th - Martina is a middle school ELA teacher who strives to help other teachers be planned, prepped, and done with grading so they can go home and do whatever they want! She shares freebies, personable content, and realistic expectations.
  10.  @DonutLovinTeacher - Yes, Staci loves all things donuts, but that is not all she shares on her colorful Instagram! She shares a variety of freebies along with other freebies and how to be more inclusive in your classroom. DONUT forget to give her a follow!

This is a very short list compared to how many amazing Instagrams there are. Who are you following that should be on the list?


by Erin-Jane Stevens, Contributing Teacher/Writer. Erin-Jane Stevens is a middle school ELA teacher who strives to bring excitement to each class she sees.  She continues to find and create fun, new, and rigorous ways to captivate students’ attention and grow their love for ELA.

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