Hatchet Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide - DISTANCE LEARNING
Hatchet Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide - DISTANCE LEARNING
Hatchet Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide - DISTANCE LEARNING
Hatchet Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide - DISTANCE LEARNING

Hatchet Common Core Aligned Novel Study Teaching Guide - DISTANCE LEARNING

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SPECIAL NOTE for DISTANCE LEARNING : I have marked this product as useful for Distance Learning as this bundle is an entire "ready-to-use," complete unit of study for Hatchet. This bundle has everything from pre-reading activities to post-reading assessment tools, and everything in-between.

Our products are designed to require as much or as little teacher instruction or intervention as you desire. Lessons and activities are clear, and provide students with full explanation on how to complete activities (giving examples and providing mini-lessons whenever possible), requiring little to no explanation (or detailed teaching) from the teacher. In many cases, students will be able to self-direct their study and completion of work according to your requirements. Additionally, I have unlocked the PDF and separated Student Materials from Teacher Materials so that those who need to use parts of this Guide in Google Classroom can modify it for their needs.

PLEASE NOTE: This material is still copyright protected, and it is a violation to sell or post these materials in any publicly accessible site. You may, however post what you need for your students on a secure school site or similar, where the general public cannot access these materials. THANK YOU!

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen complete 147-page Literature Guide which includes student coursework, activities, quizzes, tests, and more aligned with the Common Core State Standards for ELA as well as the NCTE/IRA National ELA Content Standards in English for grades 5 through 7. This Hatchet Literature Guide is the solution to your lesson planning and CCSS stress!

Here's what The Eggplant Garden  said about our Hatchet unit: The most thorough resource I have ever used! I will be back for a copy for Maniac Magee and Island of the Blue Dolphins! :) Thank you!

Colleen P. said: I wish that I had found these materials a long time ago. I have wasted money on previous units. This one is the best of all. Thank you so much for doing all this work.

This teaching guide for Hatchet has the rigor you are looking for, while helping your students enjoy the story itself! Your students will walk away with a love, enjoyment and understanding of the literature and a grasp of the skills required for state and national testing. 

This Hatchet Literature Guide includes:

  • A list of Pre-Reading Ideas and Activities for use before reading the novel
  • Biography on author Gary Paulsen with corresponding questions about the article
  • Informational Texts - Real Stories of Survival
  • Pre-Reading Activities - Survival Activities
  • Anticipation Guide for personal reflection about the themes of the novel before reading
  • Vocabulary Lists With and Without Definitions
  • Defined list of Allusions, Slang, and Terminology
  • Note-Taking Field Journal for each section
  • Comprehension Check Questions, based upon Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Standards-based Literature, Writing, and Language Activities with a focus on:
    • Figurative Language and Style
    • The Writing Process
    • Point of View
    • Setting
    • Characters and Plot
    • Supporting Quotations
    • Plot Events and Themes
    • Conflict and Theme
    • Character Development
    • Remodeling Sentences
    • Writing Dialogue
    • Concrete Words and Sensory Details
    • Setting and Plot Sequence
    • Vocabulary
    • Strong Verbs
    • Show vs. Tell
  • Reading Quizzes Every Few Chapters
  • Two Versions of the Final Test - One entirely multiple choice
  • Sample Agenda and Teacher Notes
  • Novel Summary by Chapter
  • Post-Reading Activities and Alternative Assessment
  • Essay and Writing Ideas
  • Two Project Rubrics and a Response to Literature Rubric for help with grading projects and essays
  • Complete Answer Key

Amber B. said: Absolutely loved this! It went along so well with the book! Loved that everything was already done for me and that it was rigorous too!

Patricia Jones said: This was well worth the money! It is so thorough and easy to use. A great resource, thank you very much!

Please note that this product is available as a PDF download only.